Dear Customers,

As many of you know, we have been working through supply issues. If you have not received your complete order, please send an email to tom at colorfulranch dot com, and I’ll fix the problem.

  1. Today is July 20, 2020. Yeah! We are all caught up! Maybe! We are shipping the remaining orders from May and June today, and we should be much more prompt going forward.
  2. We now have some amount of Ground Beef in stock.
  3. We have a few Whole Tenderloin, and have priced these reasonably at $60 per Whole Tenderloin.
  4. We will have a few steaks which will be available in early August.

Thank you for your patience and your flexibility as we worked through all the supply issues since March.

We apologize for any inconvenience and  we look forward to offering our full selection in the near future.

Best Wishes,

Tom Lasater

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