Dear Customers,

Many of you have requested Marrow Bones and Soup Bones, and we finally have Marrow Bones and Meaty Shank (Soup bones with a ton of meat on them). The marrow bones are split the long way so they are perfect for roasting in the oven.

I use the Meaty Shank for Osso Buco or as a substitution for Braised Short Ribs. The only caveat is that you need to plan to braise them for a good 3 hours. They will be absolutely tender and delicious!

If you are picking up locally at our warehouse in Colorado Springs, we are reducing the minimum order to $120. Just bring a check made out to Lasater Grasslands Beef!

If you want to do the local pickup, please text or email me: tom at colorfulranch dot com, and four one five five seven seven zero zero zero zero.

Best Wishes,

Tom Lasater

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