Beef Side – Dry Aged 21 Days

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Gather a few friends, co-workers, family members, or neighbors to share a side of beef. You will find the price per pound is very cost effective.

Another cost effective option that won’t take up quite as much freezer space is a 1/4 of a beef. This option is available with the same cuts as our sides (we will just split a side in half).

Please place order by telephone. Call toll free 866-454-2333.

For a full side we charge $8.99 per lb of finished meat weight for pick up orders and $9.99 per lb of finished meat weight for shipped orders. A side of beef will take 6 to 7 boxes to ship so this will help us offset some of the shipping cost.

For a 1/4 we charge $10.99 per lb of finished meat weight for both pick up and shipped orders.

The 5% pick up discount throughout the rest of our site does not apply to our sides or quarters of beef.

Total weight of our sides will be between 175-220 lbs. of:

  • roasts, stew meat (30%-40%)
  • steaks (20%-30%)
  • ground beef (35%-45%)

6 cubic feet of freezer space needed. Shipped in 6 to 7 boxes.

Do you have questions about buying a side of grassfed beef?

Please take our survey today so we can answer them for you.

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For Beef Side ordering information, please call us at 866-454-2333


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